Austrian Stock Talk

Compact information for investors and those interested in the stock market. In the videos CFOs and CEOs of our listed companies report current company figures.

Financing through the Vienna Stock Exchange

Corporate Financing through the Vienna Stock Exchange – stocks and bonds.

First trading day Addiko Bank

Impressions from our third and largest listing in the top segment in 2019: First trading day of Addiko Bank AG on the prime market.

ETFs @ Wiener Börse

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer a simple, effective & inexpensive way of investing in diverse markets.

Wiener Börse Insights

In the video series "Wiener Börse Insights" we take you behind the scenes of our daily work and show insights into stock exchange life.

IT systems for five markets

In this video, CTO & COO Ludwig Nießen talks about the Vienna Stock Exchange's 25 years of experience as a service provider of state-of-the-art trading infrastructure.

Delivering a world of good deals

Get an insight into the development of our brand. We gave the logo a facelift and developed a new claim: "Delivering a world of good deals"

Invest in Austria

Austria stands for a successful and stable economy. Therefore, Austrian equities belong to every well diversified portfolio that is focused on Europe.

Excellence for Debt Securities

The Vienna Stock Exchange offers a wide range of bonds and established itself as a reliable partner for international and national market participants.

10 Markets at One Stop

The Vienna Stock Exchange gathers market data from nine stock exchanges and one power exchange from Central and Southeast Europe and makes it available via one data feed.

Management Board Team

Get to know all members of the management board of the Vienna Stock Exchange in our videos.